Signal Boosting: Let’s Help Peter David

As most of fandom is now aware, author Peter David suffered a stroke on December 30 while on vacation with his family. Though Peter has medical insurance, there are going to be many costs it won’t cover, even after he meets his annual deductibles.

That said, Peter is not asking anyone for charity — he just wants your business. The best way we can all pitch in to help Peter and his family through this difficult and expensive time is to support his independently published work, which pays him the highest percentage of royalties.

Go to Crazy 8 Press ( and buy copies of Peter’s work, including his new vampire satire Pulling Up Stakes, Part 1 and Part 2, his Arthurian tabloid exposé The Camelot Papers, or the first two books of his Hidden Earth series, Darkness of the Light and Height of the Depths.

Already own all these? Can’t afford to buy copies right now? You can still help by sharing this information far and wide. Peter David has given all of us decades of entertainment in several media — let’s give him our support now, when he needs it most, so he can continue to thrill us with new tales for decades to come.

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