Now the story (idea) can be told

A few weeks ago, Simon & Schuster announced the working titles, authors, and approximate series affiliations of the five novels in its end-of-year Star Trek miniseries event, The Fall. To recap:

1. Revelations and Dust by David R. George III features characters from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine saga;

2. The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack focuses on the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew and Garak on Cardassia;

3. A Ceremony of Losses by David Mack (yours truly) will be expounded upon below;

4. The Poisoned Chalice by James Swallow stars the characters of the Star Trek: Titan literary series; and

5. Peaceable Kingdoms by Dayton Ward features the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew.

Last night I received word that my story outline for A Ceremony of Losses has been approved by the licensor, so now I can tease you with a few tidbits of information about it.

It will feature characters from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series, including Doctor Julian Bashir on the new-and-improved DS9 station, and Captain Ezri Dax and her crew aboard the U.S.S. Aventine. It will be a combination political-medical-military thriller that will have serious and lasting consequences for some of our continuing principal characters.

And, although this is subject to change, at the moment its opening sentence is, “There was so much blood.”

Chew on that until November, Trek fans.

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