Resetting the clock

Long story short: my wife has decided that she is tired of me living on a vampire’s schedule, so tonight I am embarking upon a mission to reset my body’s sleep clock. I will be staying up through the night and through tomorrow, with an aim toward going to be a bit earlier than she does tomorrow night.

With any luck, by Friday, Kara and I will be back in synch with each other, schedule-wise.

For anyone interested in passing the time with me on Twitter during this marathon of consciousness, I will be using the hashtag #UpAllNight until dawn, after which I’ll switch to #UpAllDay until I crash tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

2 Responses to “Resetting the clock”

  1. perplyone

    Good luck resetting your sleep patterns. I finished a re-read of “A time to Kill” yesterday. Excellent work. Cold Equations: Body Electric is in my short-term TBR pile. Keep up the good wor!

    • David Mack

      Thanks, Auguste. Glad you enjoyed A Time to Kill.
      I hope you’ll check out my other books, including the Vanguard saga.
      As for my future plans … yes, I might have a few more books to write…. 🙂

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