One day left for Athena’s Daughters

There’s only about a day left in the Kickstarter for Athena’s Daughters. It is remarkably close to hitting its $38k stretch goal — a hardcover edition of its companion volume, Apollo’s Daughters, to which I’ll be contributing an original short story, “And Hell Rode With Her.”

Spread the word, folks. Time is short, and I’d really love to see this project make it over one more hurdle on its way to the finish line.


Just 30 hours left to raise $1,051 and green-light the hardcover edition of Apollo’s Daughters!

Update: 29 HOURS TO GO

$936 away from the hardcover edition of Apollo’s Daughters!

Update: 26 Hours to Go

$394 away from the next awesome stretch goal… damn, this thing is a juggernaut!

Update: 24 hours to go

Mission accomplished! With a full day to go before the finish line, the Kickstarter has passed the $38k mark, unlocking the stretch goal of a limited-run hardcover edition of Apollo’s Daughters. w00t!

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