For those of you keeping score at home, I bring you this update on the current rankings of the Star Trek Authors’ Rush Homage Contest, or STARHC.


A quick refresher on the rules: References and in-jokes within the texts of our prose works are not counted, as they would be too numerous and obscure to keep track of. For this contest, we track only the number of titles (for novels, short fiction, and scripts) we have borrowed from Rush lyrics, song titles, and album titles. However, we do not limit our scoring to Star Trek novels; any work of fiction by a professionally published author of licensed Star Trek fiction is eligible.

However, as one might guess from the current Vegas betting line, there are really only two serious contenders for the top spot: Dayton Ward and yours truly.

As of September 2014, the scores stand at: Dayton Ward – 6; David Mack – 4.

Scores will be updated accordingly as future project titles are announced.


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