That book I wrote this summer

As followers of my social media accounts are no doubt aware, I spent this past summer writing a novel about which I wasn’t allowed to say anything. Today I received a tentative go-ahead to tease the news of this new project, but I have been instructed to keep things vague, at least for the moment, so just DROP THE GUN! DO IT NOW!

So, for all those who’ve been asking me, “WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?” — I still can’t tell you. Here’s what little intel I can offer:

  1. It’s a tie-in novel, in a series that I’ve not previously written.
  2. The publisher is also one for whom I haven’t worked before.
  3. I’ve been toiling under the auspices of an editor whom I hadn’t met before this project.

I’m still not sure if I can say what the title is. I know I can’t tell you anything about the plot. Or the characters. Or the setting. Or when it takes place. Or when it will be published.

In fact, I’ve probably said too much already. DAMN IT!

Until I confirm with my editor that I am clear to spill the rest of these beans, I will leave you with this graphical hint (appropriated from the blog of Dayton Ward, who might possibly be working on his own book for the same project):

The rest of the details will be revealed soon; it’s only a matter of time.



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