I love that “new book smell”

There are a few pleasures in the writing life that never seem to get old. Case in point: the arrival of authors’ copies.

Today I received from my friends at Silence in the Library Publishing my contributor’s copies — three trade paperbacks and one snazzy hardcover (pictured below) — of the anthology Apollo’s Daughters.


This badass anthology edited by Bryan Young contains tales of bold female main characters. The stories range from hard science fiction to fantasy to mystery and horror, and many genre-blending shadows in between.

Featured within its pages are stories by a number of prominent SF/F authors, including John Jackson Miller, David R. George III, Aaron Rosenberg, Michael Stackpole, and the late Aaron Allston — not to mention a brand-new original novelette by yours truly: Hell Rode With Her,” a companion piece to my current Tor Books trilogy-in-progress, The Midnight Front.

If you’ve already picked up a copy of Apollo’s Daughters, bless you. Please post reviews and share the word about what you liked and what you didn’t; all of us who contributed to this anthology are proud of the work we’ve done and are eager to see it in the hands of readers.

If you haven’t bought a copy yet … what in blazes are you waiting for? Get on that, RFN.


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