German eBook art for Wildfire, Part 1

Cross Cult, publisher of German translations of the Star Trek novels, has revealed the cover art for its eBook version of Part 1 (of 2) of my first novel, Star Trek: S.C.E. #23 – Wildfire.

For comparison, here is the original edition’s art on the left, and the new German edition’s art on the right (click on the images to see larger versions):

wildfire_1_art wildfire1_german_large

The German edition does not yet have a title. Apparently, the original title loses something in translation, so I have suggested they retitle it Feuersturm. No idea if they’ll take that under consideration, though.

Either way, the German version of Wildfire, Part 1 is scheduled for publication in July 2016. I’ll be curious to see how they re-imagine the cover art for Wildfire, Part 2.

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