My GenCon 50 Writers’ Symposium Schedule (#SFWApro)

If you’ll be at the sold-out GenCon 50 show this week, here is where to find me at the Writers’ Symposium, which is taking place in the Westin Hotel, across the Skywalk from the Indiana Convention Center.

Thursday — August 17

1pm – Story Craft: Ending the Story Right [Caucus]

2pm – Worldbuilding: Creating a Universe [Capital 1]

7pm – D&D with the Authors: “Night at the Forbidden Library” [Chambers]


Friday — August 18

11am – Science Fiction: Avoiding Scientific Obsolescence [Cabinet]

Noon – Science Fiction: Getting the Science Right [Cabinet]

3pm – Autographing [Exhibit Hall, Authors’ Alley]

6pm – Writer’s Craft: How to Write Bestselling Tie-in Fiction [Caucus]


Saturday — August 19

Noon – Autographing [Exhibit Hall, Authors’ Alley]

2pm – Writer’s Craft: How to Use Editors’ Comments [Caucus]

4pm – Reading (from my upcoming novel The Midnight Front) [Congress 1]

5pm – Writer’s Life: Writers and Depression [Cabinet]


I’ll be hanging around the symposium in the morning on Sunday, August 20, before I leave to catch my flight, but I have no panels or other events that day.

See you at Writers’ Symposium, folks!


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