My Shore Leave 2019 Schedule

It will soon be that time of year again (Friday, July 12, through Sunday, July 14), when I and many other Star Trek literary scribblers converge upon the  Hunt Valley Inn (known these days as the Delta Hotels Baltimore Hunt Valley) in Hunt Valley, Md., for the fan-run con known as Shore Leave.

If you’re looking for me at the con, the best place to start is usually the hotel bar. If you’d like to get my autograph or hear me yak on some panels, here is my schedule for the show. Consider yourselves warned.

Friday, July 12

What’s New in Star Trek Fiction
6PM, Salons E & F
John Jackson Miller (m), Dayton Ward, David Mack, Scott Pearson

Meet the Pros
10pm–Midnight, Hunt Valley Corridor
Come buy books, get autographs, hang out and chat, or buy me a drink.


Saturday, July 13

Writing Historical Fiction, Real & Fantasy
11AM–1PM, McCormick
Howard Weinstein (m), David Mack, Kim Headlee, Roberta Rogow, Richard White

Elevator Pitches
2PM, Derby
Joshua Palmatier, David Mack, Kim Headlee, Peter David

Selling Your Soul
4PM, Derby
Aaron Rosenberg, David Mack, Heather E. Hutsell, Glenn Hauman, T.J. Perkins


Sunday, July 14

Return of the Serials
11AM, Salon A
David Mack (m), Jim Johnson, Glenn Hauman, Richard White, Peter David

Meet the Tricksters
Noon, Derby
David Mack, Jenifer Rosenberg, Christopher L. Bennett, T.J. Perkins



2 Responses to “My Shore Leave 2019 Schedule”

  1. Mindolin

    Hello, I was at Shore Leave Con and am very interested in reading your new novel Collateral Damage that is coming out. It sounded like I should read a couple of your other trek novels that directly lead to the events in this novel first, but I did not catch which ones. Could you reply to this comment with those books ? I just got back into reading trek novels since reading dozens of them years ago, I am currently reading all the new Discovery novels.
    Mike Beam

    • David Mack

      There are quite a few novels that serve as backstory for COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Just a few of them, in order of their publication, would be:

      TNG: A Time to Kill (the Tezwa crisis)
      TNG: A Time to Heal (the Tezwa coverup and its aftermath)
      TNG: Cold Equations, Book I: The Persistence of Memory (Data’s reincarnation)
      Titan: Fortune of War (the Riker/Sarai/Batanides subplot)
      Section 31: Control (the Section 31 controversy)
      TNG: Hearts and Minds by Dayton Ward (the Section 31 fallout)
      TNG: Available Light by Dayton Ward (more Section 31 fallout)

      Sorry for the delay in the reply — I was away at Gen Con and didn’t have my laptop, so I couldn’t log in to my own website. 😉

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