Kickstarter for Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2021

Art by Gary Carbon

Editor extraordinaire Bob Greenberger, who brought you last year’s pulp-homage sensation Thrilling Adventure Yarns, presents the sequel: THRILLING ADVENTURE YARNS 2021.

This collection of new original short fiction written in the classic pulp-magazine style will knock your socks off. It’ll have a bit of everything: noir, swords & sorcery, romance, crime, science fiction, fantasy—you name it!

Topping the table of contents: a new, previously unpublished detective tale by none other than Lester Dent, the creator of Doc Savage! This is a milestone in the history of the pulp magazines, available only to the backers of this campaign.

Also on the bill: a brand-new crime noir short story by yours truly, a little piece about betrayal titled “Fiasco” (which was inspired by the role-playing game of the same name).

Plus, these stretch goals! Get a character or something else named in your honor (aka “Tuckerized”)! Score great deals on special add-on eBook packages (two of which each include a reprint of one of my original short stories — Midnight Rider and Our Possible Pasts). Upgrade to a hardcover edition!

It’s all up to you—customize your deal to fit your desires.

We have 29 days to raise $6,000 to make this project happen. Last time, Bob soared way past his goal. Let’s make this time an even greater success! Pledge your support now.

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