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Star Trek Re-watch: “Turnabout Intruder”

It’s Thursday, and that means Dayton Ward and I have finally reached the end of Star Trek‘s wildly uneven third season in our weekly column, Star Trek Re-watch. And not a moment too soon. In fact, approximately fifty minutes and forty seconds too late.

What can I say about Turnabout Intruder that hasn’t already been muttered by its producers between strings of slurred, drunken curses of shameful regret? Plenty, as you’ll see when you click through and read my scathing analysis, which follows Dayton’s hilarious recap.

So, now that we’ve reached the third season’s final episode, that must mean we’re done, right? Not quite.

Next week we’ll bring you our wrap-up column, in which we compare our thoughts about the third season from atrocious start to embarrassing finish and all points in between. And the week after that, we’ll sign off with a special bonus Re-watch of the original series pilot, The Cage.”

After that… who knows? When we find out what’s next, we’ll let you know, but I hear rumors that Dayton and I might be busy writing books or something….

But I’ve said enough about me…

Now I’ll let someone else talk about me. Specifically, in a discussion on the TrekBBS about the depictions and influences of politics on Star Trek literature, my fellow Treklit author Christopher L. Bennett had this to say about my work:

“I can’t understand how anyone can read a David Mack book and see only a simplistic, black-and-white moral parable. His books are full of unnerving, ambiguous situations, stories where the heroes have to make uneasy moral compromises and questionable choices, stories where the nominal antagonists can be sympathetic and admirable, stories where it’s unclear whether anyone has really done the right thing. If you think Dave is endorsing or celebrating any of the dark actions taken against the antagonists of his books, you’re not paying attention at all. What Dave is doing is not letting his characters off the hook. That’s his trademark as a writer. He doesn’t pull his punches. He doesn’t just bring characters to the brink of death, he kills them hard. He doesn’t just have characters flirt with the line between good and evil, he shoves them across it and down the slippery slope, so that they have to face the full, horrifying extent of what it means to make an ethical compromise. He doesn’t leave them, or the readers, the comfortable recourse of pat, easy answers.”

As one might imagine, I was quite pleased with his description of my oeuvre. So, with his permission, I’ve quoted it here. Because, as the expression goes, I could not have said it better myself.

Thanks, Christopher!

Listen to me blather on and on…

Last month I had a pleasant chat with Jesse from /, to record an interview for his podcast. Well, that podcast is now live!

It’s a lengthy discussion that touches upon such subjects as the challenges of writing for various media, my Star Trek work, and a detailed discussion of Promises Broken, my novel based on The 4400. He also graciously allowed me to plug the Shore Leave Comedy Roast for Charity, which benefits the American Red Cross.

Anyway, if you’ve got the time and just can’t get enough of my voice, give it a listen!

Star Trek Re-watch: “All Our Yesterdays”

It’s a bigger-than-usual Thursday over at They’ve tweaked their site design in a way that lets it still feel familiar but has a cleaner, sleeker look and feel. And, as an afterthought, they’ve published the latest Star Trek Re-watch column by yours truly and Dayton Ward.

The episode du semaine? “All Our Yesterdays.”

We’ve had to sit through some painful hours of television while rewatching the third season of the original series, but this is our late reward, and we savor it like a fine wine … because next week we have to watch “Turnabout Intruder.” You have been warned.

As always, please leave all comments on the article, so that our corporate masters over there won’t consider the months they’ve spent paying us to write these things as a total waste of time and money.

Star Trek Re-watch: “The Savage Curtain”

Welcome to another Thursday and another installment of the feature Star Trek Re-watch with analysis by yours truly and a recap by the inestimable Dayton Ward. This week we pull back The Savage Curtain to find the man standing behind it is… Abraham Lincoln?

Yeah, it’s gonna be one of those episodes. Pay no attention to the dead president behind the curtain. Instead be amazed that the reason Klingons call Kahless “the Unforgettable” is that he’s the Rich Little of Qo’noS, with his uncannily spot-on voice impressions. Ooo, he does Surak! Ooo, now he does Lincoln! Excuse me, Mister Kahless? Can you do John Wayne?

Only two more third-season episodes to go after this, and then we’ll bring you a season three wrap-up and a special bonus re-watch of the original Star Trek pilot, The Cage.”

As always, leave all comments on the Tor article, as it will sustain the illusion that what Dayton and I have been doing over there is in any way meaningful or worthwhile.

We’ll see y’all again next week when we present our skewering of All Our Yesterdays.”

Egads, another Star Trek Re-watch

The turning of the page brings us once more to Thursday, and that means another foray into Star Trek‘s pulpy past on‘s weekly feature, Star Trek Re-watch. This week, Dayton Ward and I risk madness (and alcohol poisoning) to bring you our recap and analysis of The Way to Eden.”

Space hippies, hamfisted Biblical allegories, annoying catch-phrases, implausible plot twists — yeah, this ep’s got it all, Herbert. Yay, brother, we reach—for the remote, to change the channel.

Come back next week as we get high…in the air…with The Cloud Minders.”

Star Trek Re-watch: “Requiem for Methuselah”

Look at that—Thursday again. Brace yourselves, because is bringing you another installment of Star Trek Re-watch by Dayton Ward and yours truly. This week, Dayton provides critical analysis and I cough up a snark-tastic recap for the third-season episode Requiem for Methuselah.”

This is actually one of the better entries in Star Trek‘s much-maligned third season. Savor it now, because next week we have to show you The Way to Eden.” For those of you already feeling ill at that prospect, emesis bags can be found in the pocket on the backs of the chairs in front of you.

If you require assistance, don’t come crying to us, because at least we warned you—which is more than Star Trek‘s viewers on February 21, 1969, were able to say.