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Names and other details

No one has asked how this blog got its name, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

For the past 20-odd years, a song that has been a sort of anthem for my life — a theme song, if you will — has been “The Analog Kid” by Rush. So, as I grappled to conceive a name for this digital repository of ideas from the dusty corners of my brain, I came back to my theme song.

Damn, that's not much of a story. Oh, well. They can't all be masterpieces.

What am I doing?

I don't know why I have a blog, to be honest. It often seems that I don't have enough time to write as it is. So why would I introduce a new distraction to my life?

Because I'm an idiot.

It will probably be months before I post again. Someday I might have time to do this on a semi-regular basis; today is not that day. Tomorrow's not looking so good, either. And I wouldn't get my hopes up for any days in the near-future.

OK, time to go back to work. Aren't you thrilled you stopped by?

~ David Mack