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I love that “new book smell”

There are a few pleasures in the writing life that never seem to get old. Case in point: the arrival of authors’ copies.

Today I received from my friends at Silence in the Library Publishing my contributor’s copies — three trade paperbacks and one snazzy hardcover (pictured below) — of the anthology Apollo’s Daughters.


This badass anthology edited by Bryan Young contains tales of bold female main characters. The stories range from hard science fiction to fantasy to mystery and horror, and many genre-blending shadows in between.

Featured within its pages are stories by a number of prominent SF/F authors, including John Jackson Miller, David R. George III, Aaron Rosenberg, Michael Stackpole, and the late Aaron Allston — not to mention a brand-new original novelette by yours truly: Hell Rode With Her,” a companion piece to my current Tor Books trilogy-in-progress, The Midnight Front.

If you’ve already picked up a copy of Apollo’s Daughters, bless you. Please post reviews and share the word about what you liked and what you didn’t; all of us who contributed to this anthology are proud of the work we’ve done and are eager to see it in the hands of readers.

If you haven’t bought a copy yet … what in blazes are you waiting for? Get on that, RFN.



Around this time last year, I started posting about a Kickstarter-funded anthology of short fiction called Apollo’s Daughters. Like its companion volume, Athena’s Daughters, it is a collection of tales ranging from science fiction to fantasy, all featuring female main characters.


The difference between the two anthologies is that the stories in Athena’s Daughters all were written by women, and those in Apollo’s Daughters all were penned by men.

I’m pleased to report that the Kindle version of Apollo’s Daughters is now available on Amazon, and that the paperback version is at the printers and coming this spring.

The new anthology contains my original novelette Hell Rode With Her,” which tells a story that for space reasons I needed to cut from the manuscript of The Midnight Front, my current novel-in-progress and the first volume of my new original trilogy for Tor Books. So if you’d like to get a sneak peek at what I’m cooking up, you’ll want to snag a copy of Apollo’s Daughters on the double.

As if that weren’t enticement enough, Apollo’s Daughters also features stories by such bestselling, award-winning, and acclaimed authors as John Jackson Miller, Aaron Rosenberg, Donald J. Bingle, Joshua B. Palmatier, David R. George III, and Michael Stackpole. It also features the last original work by the late New York Times bestselling author Aaron Allston.

Athena’s Daughters was published last year in both eBook and paperback formats. Apollo’s Daughters was released in December 2014 in generic eBook formats on the website of its publisher, Silence in the Library. Get your eBook copy now, and remember to pick up the print edition this spring!

One day left for Athena’s Daughters

There’s only about a day left in the Kickstarter for Athena’s Daughters. It is remarkably close to hitting its $38k stretch goal — a hardcover edition of its companion volume, Apollo’s Daughters, to which I’ll be contributing an original short story, “And Hell Rode With Her.”

Spread the word, folks. Time is short, and I’d really love to see this project make it over one more hurdle on its way to the finish line.


Just 30 hours left to raise $1,051 and green-light the hardcover edition of Apollo’s Daughters!

Update: 29 HOURS TO GO

$936 away from the hardcover edition of Apollo’s Daughters!

Update: 26 Hours to Go

$394 away from the next awesome stretch goal… damn, this thing is a juggernaut!

Update: 24 hours to go

Mission accomplished! With a full day to go before the finish line, the Kickstarter has passed the $38k mark, unlocking the stretch goal of a limited-run hardcover edition of Apollo’s Daughters. w00t!

Don’t miss this Kickstarter bargain

Over the past month, I’ve told you in this space (and others) about the Kickstarter for Athena’s Daughters, an anthology of short stories by female authors writing about heroic female main characters. It’s been so successful that it’s going to have a companion anthology, Apollo’s Daughters, in which male authors will write tales of strong women. One of those stories will be my own upcoming short, “And Hell Rode With Her,” which will be a tease for my upcoming original novel project.

If you haven’t chipped in yet, you should. Because time is running out — the Kickstarter ends Wednesday, January 8 — and because this is one of the best deals around.

Why should you chip in if it’s already funded? I’ll tell you why.

For just $5, you’ll get more great reading material than you’ll know what to do with. Seriously, multiple bonus stories and novels, plus Athena’s Daughters, all in eBook format. That’s a tremendous value for just $5. Just $5 more gets you the Apollo’s Daughters eBook.

For an additional contribution of only $20, you can get a trade paperback copy of one of the new anthologies IN ADDITION to all the stuff listed above. That’s a pretty sweet deal. For just $45, you can get BOTH anthologies in trade paperback and all the eBook goodies.

Last but not least: this might be the ONLY way you’ll be able to get these new anthologies. Once this Kickstarter ends, there’s no guarantee these kick-ass new works of original science fiction and fantasy will be sold again. Don’t miss your chance! Chip in while there’s still time!


Apollo’s Daughters needs you!



As of Friday, January 3, 2014, the Kickstarter for Athena’s Daughters has passed the $31k mark, meaning Joe Corroney’s cool original cover for Apollo’s Daughters is a go!

Thanks to everyone who chipped in. I’m really looking forward to writing my story for this anthology.


Original Post

With just one week left to go before the end of its Kickstarter funding push, the Athena’s Daughters anthology has been wildly successful. Not only has it far exceeded its basic goal and many of its stretch goals — including the commissioning of a companion volume, Apollo’s Daughters, in which male authors will spin tales of strong female main characters — it is now within less than $700 of achieving its next stretch goal: an original cover for Apollo’s Daughters by renowned Star Wars artist Joe Corroney, colored by Brian Miller.

This would be a major coup for the anthology, so please consider chipping in: for just $5, you can score a whole lot of awesome goodies. Even if you’re only contributing your $5 now, you still get numerous other incentives unlocked by the previous stretch goals. There is no downside: in fact, this might be one of the best bargains you’ll ever get.

Please chip in and help us get over just one more hurdle so that Joe Corroney can grace our words with an epic illustration that does them justice.

Meanwhile, in other news … HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Yak Alert: I talk about “A Ceremony of Losses”

ST.Ceremony.Losses.Final.CvrApparently, I am constitutionally incapable of refusing an opportunity for shameless self-promotion. That’s how I explain my role in yet another podcast discussion of my work with the fine folks of — specifically, Sina and Michael of Ten Forward.

In this latest audio gabfest, we talk about my latest New York Times bestseller, A Ceremony of Losses, as well as my previous novel Zero Sum Game, to which Ceremony is in many respects a sequel, and my upcoming project Section 31: Disavowed, which will continue the story arc of ZSG and ACoL.

I also touch briefly upon my support for Athena’s Daughters, a Kickstarter project to fund a female-written anthology of original SF and fantasy short stories about compelling female main characters. I am excited to report that this Kickstarter reached its $24k stretch goal in just 10 days, which means I and many other male authors will get to tell our original tales about strong female main characters in a companion anthology, Apollo’s Daughters. (If the Kickstarter reaches $38k, Apollo’s Daughters will have a limited print run in hardcover, so keep those contributions coming in, folks!)

Listen to my latest turn on the Captain’s Table podcast and donate to the Athena’s Daughters project (note: this Kickstarter ends January 8, 2014).

Join the Kickstarter for ATHENA’S DAUGHTERS

For the first time ever, I am sort of involved in a Kickstarter project.

Editor Jean Rabe and a lineup of phenomenal female authors, including Janine Spendlove and Mary Robinette Kowal, have teamed up to bring you ATHENA’S DAUGHTERS, an anthology of original short stories about strong female main characters, written by some of the most talented female authors working today.

The Kickstarter for Athena’s Daughters just went live a few days ago, and already it’s close to hitting its first funding goal, which is utterly brilliant.

If (when) the project hits one of its major stretch goal milestones (the $24,000 mark) the editor will also commission a companion volume: APOLLO’S DAUGHTERS — an anthology of male authors writing stories about awesome female main characters.

I have proudly accepted an invitation to be one of those authors. So spread the word far and wide, my friends, and contribute to this Kickstarter. Because the world needs more great stories about great women.