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Tragedy in Section 31: Control (#SFWApro)

Some literary philosophies hold there are only two kinds of stories, tragedies and comedies. I crafted my new Star Trek novel Section 31: Control as an unapologetic tragedy. In this podcast I explain why.

Literary Treks #186 - "A Tragedy in Every Sense of the Word"

I joined Literary Treks co-hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson to talk about the inspirations and implications of my novel, the rationale for writing an entire chapter of the novel in computer code, and the rather polarized response it has garnered from fans of the Star Trek books. Also on the agenda was a conversation about the roles played in the story by androids Data and his daughter, Lal.

We conclude our discussion with some teases concerning what readers can expect from my next two Star Trek novels, Titan: Fortune of War and Discovery: Desperate Hours. I also tacked on a reminder that roughly ten months from now my new Tor Books original trilogy Dark Arts will debut with my long-awaited World War II fantasy epic The Midnight Front.

So point your browsers toward Literary Treks and check out episode 186, “Tragedy in Every Sense of the Word,” and get a peek behind the curtains that conceal my creative process.


Star Trek Re-watch: “Requiem for Methuselah”

Look at that—Thursday again. Brace yourselves, because is bringing you another installment of Star Trek Re-watch by Dayton Ward and yours truly. This week, Dayton provides critical analysis and I cough up a snark-tastic recap for the third-season episode Requiem for Methuselah.”

This is actually one of the better entries in Star Trek‘s much-maligned third season. Savor it now, because next week we have to show you The Way to Eden.” For those of you already feeling ill at that prospect, emesis bags can be found in the pocket on the backs of the chairs in front of you.

If you require assistance, don’t come crying to us, because at least we warned you—which is more than Star Trek‘s viewers on February 21, 1969, were able to say.