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Seekers & Classic Trek, side by side — #SFWApro

As I have written about before, the inspiration for the new Star Trek: Seekers series of novels was a run of faux book covers that illustrator Rob Caswell created and posted on his DeviantArt blog.

Rob used the Archer-class starship designed by Vanguard conceptual artist Masao Okazaki as the “star” of his new imaginary Star Trek sequel series, which he called simply The Seekers. His inspiration for the retro look and feel of his faux covers was the anthologies of classic Star Trek episode adaptations penned by SF master James Blish and published by Bantam Books back in the 1970s.

Now that book one, Second Nature, is out on shelves, my friend (and one of the co-developers of the new Star Trek: Seekers series) Dayton Ward photographed his copy of the novel beside one of his copies of the classic Blish tomes:


This inspired a couple of fans to do likewise.



These results please me, so I’m inviting anyone who owns copies of the classic Blish anthologies as well as the new Seekers books to photograph them side by side and send the pictures to me. I’d love to see more of these old-and-new pairings.