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More love for Cold Equations…

The first two books of my Cold Equations trilogy — The Persistence of Memory and Silent Weapons — have been listed by Angela Schuch of on her Best Books of 2012 roundup, in the science-fiction category, alongside works by such august company as William C. Dietz, Orson Scott Card, Robert J. Sawyer, Timothy Zahn, John Scalzi, Rachel Caine, and fellow Star Trek authors Greg Cox and Dayton Ward. Awesome!

In related news, Dan Gunther of Trek Lit Reviews has posted the first official review I’ve seen for the trilogy’s third book, The Body Electric. Here’s a sample of his remarks:

“The epilogue … nearly had me in tears. David Mack is good at writing galaxy-changing events, but he is equally adept at tender character moments that really pack an emotional punch.”

The Body Electric [is] a satisfying conclusion to the Cold Equations trilogy. … [It’s] a highly compelling and well-told novel that had me guessing until the end.”

So, there you have it. Go forth ye Trek fans and purchase thee several copies at once!