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My Updated Bibliography

I present for your collective edification my updated bibliography:


David Mack — Writing Credits (as of 2014)


Star Trek: Section 31Disavowed (2014)

Star Trek: Seekers, Book 1 — Second Nature (2014)

Star Trek: The Fall, Book III — A Ceremony of Losses (2013)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Equations
— Book III: The Body Electric (2013)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Equations
— Book II: Silent Weapons (2012)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Equations
— Book I: The Persistence of Memory (2012)

Star Trek VanguardStorming Heaven (2012)

Star Trek Mirror UniverseRise Like Lions (2011)

Star Trek: Typhon PactZero Sum Game (2010)

Star TrekMore Beautiful Than Death (2010)

Star Trek Mirror UniverseThe Sorrows of Empire (2009)

Star Trek VanguardPrecipice (2009)

The 4400Promises Broken (2009)

The Calling (2009)

Star Trek Destiny, Book III — Lost Souls (2008)

Star Trek Destiny, Book II — Mere Mortals (2008)

Star Trek Destiny, Book I — Gods of Night (2008)

Star Trek VanguardReap the Whirlwind (2007)

Star Trek Mirror Universe, Vol. 2: Obsidian Alliances (anthology, 2007)
— short novel: Saturn’s Children (as Sarah Shaw)

WolverineRoad of Bones (2006)

Star Trek: Deep Space NineWarpath (2006)

Star Trek VanguardHarbinger (2005)

Star Trek: SCE, Book Six: Wildfire (collection, 2004) — short novel: Wildfire

Star Trek: The Next GenerationA Time to Heal (2004)

Star Trek: The Next GenerationA Time to Kill (2004)



No Turning Back (2011, written with Bryan Anderson)

Star Trek: The Starfleet Survival Guide (2002)



Apollo’s Daughters (anthology, 2014)
— novellette: “Hell Rode With Her”

Star Trek Vanguard: Declassified (anthology, 2011)
— novella: “The Stars Look Down”

Star Trek Mirror UniverseShards and Shadows (anthology, 2009)
— short story: “For Want of a Nail”

Star Trek: Corps of EngineersCreative Couplings (collection, 2007)
— novella: “Small World”

Star Trek: Corps of EngineersGrand Designs (collection, 2007)
— novella: “Failsafe”

Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War (anthology, 2004)
— short story: “Twilight’s Wrath”

Star Trek: New FrontierNo Limits  (anthology, 2003)
— short story: “Waiting for G’Doh, or, How I Learned to Stop Moving and Hate People”

Star Trek: SCE, Book Two – Miracle Workers (collection, 2002)
— novella: “Invincible,” written with Keith R.A. DeCandido



Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “It’s Only a Paper Moon” (1999)
[with John Ordover and Ronald D. Moore]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “Starship Down” (1995)
[with John Ordover]

Star Trek Voyager, “Sickbay” (1995)
[aka “Untitled Kes,” with John Ordover] [unproduced]



Farscape: Scorpius (2010; eight-issue miniseries, with Rockne S. O’Bannon)

Star TrekDivided We Fall (2001; four-issue miniseries, with John Ordover)


Please check your notes before leaving today, as this material will be on next week’s text. That is all. Class dismissed.