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A short public thank-you…

…to software developer Tim Beck, who patiently helped me figure out how to reset the Twitter Digest option for my blog, even while I was being utterly clueless about the whole process.

(For those who might care, it involved accessing the WordPress database using phpMyAdmin and editing the wp_options table to reset a particular value to zero.)

Also, as usual, my gratitude goes out to the technical-support team at SFF.NET, who explained to me how to access phpMyAdmin in the first place, so that I could backup my blog database before making some updates today.

Now, if Twitter Digest just keeps on working, I’ll be a happy camper. … Okay, a slightly less disgruntled camper.

Comic Books as High Art

My wonderful agent, Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency, periodically asks the authors she represents to write guest blogs for her. This week, her theme is comic books, and at her request I’ve written a short piece about why I feel comic books have earned their place at the table as “high art” beside cinema, literature, painting, etc.

>> You can read it on her blog now.

Also, check out yesterday’s piece by Keith R.A. DeCandido, “Just How Many Words Is a Picture Worth, Really?“, which talks about the difficulties of making a transition from writing prose to writing scripts for comic books.