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Reminder: See me on TV tonight!

Okay, the election’s over. Time to watch something fun on television!

Tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 3, at 9PM ET, the Biography Channel (check your local listings) presents its two-hour Star Trek documentary special, The Captains of the Final Frontier. (Link is to a review of the documentary by

What’s it about? It’s a study of the captains who led each of the Star Trek TV series (as well as Chris Pine’s new film incarnation of Kirk) and the actors who played them.

Why do I want you to watch it? Because I am one of the many “experts” interviewed on-camera for this documentary. What’s the point of having 15 minutes of fame if no one sees it, right? Also featured are many of my friends and colleagues, including Keith R.A. DeCandido, Marco Palmieri, Geoffrey Thorne, David R. George III, Kirsten Beyer, and Larry Nemecek.

Set your DVRs and check this out!