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Jobs the computer says I should have

Snurched this from kradical‘s LJ…

The Career Matchmaker.

I followed the instructions he provided, and went a step further. I answered an additional round of 44 questions and added my educational level to the mix. That whittled my list to a more accurate but shorter total of 26. Similar to what Keith did, I’ve bolded the things I’ve actually done and italicized those in which I have some training but have not done professionally.

1. Writer

2. Actor

3. Special Effects Technician (wanted to be this when I was a kid)

4. Comedian (tried doing standup a few times back in the ’90s)

5. Artist

6. Critic (sure, I reviewed porn videos, but I used phrases like “mise en scene”)

7. Translator (I’d have to actually speak a foreign language first)

8. Musician (noodled with the guitar, just like every other guy in film school)

9. Director of Photography (cinemtography and videography training were mandatory at NYU Film)

10. Announcer (I’ve done V.O. work at my day job and co-hosted Internet radio shows)

11. Website Designer

12. Photographer (learning to use still cameras is a prerequisite for cinematography classes at NYU)
13. Interpreter (see note for #7, Translator)

14. Composer (ahem…no)

15. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator (studied art in high school and college, drew cartoons for the college humor magazine, and had a one-panel cartoon published in a trade paperback in ’91)

16. Animator (skipped those classes at NYU)

17. Homemaker (hoping to do this once my wife is out of grad school and working again)

18. ESL Teacher (I’d consider this if we moved abroad to Europe)

19. Zoologist (me and wild animals? no thank you)

20. Illustrator (see #15)

21. Inventor (anybody want to lend me some tools?)

22. Activist (I gave up on my damned fool crusades a few years ago)

23. Public Relations Specialist (I believe the phrase that applies here is, “Ha!”)

24. Art Director (not unless I want to go back to school for six years)

25. Corporate Trainer (they must’ve tossed in this one as a joke)

26. Appraiser (not even close)