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They call me “mad.” I say I’m “organized.”

Over dinner this evening, Kara and I talked about when we adopted our two current feline companion animals, Winifred and Puck. I knew by heart the date that I brought Freddie home—October 1 is marked on our calendar as “Freddie-versary”—and that, based on a vet’s estimate of her age at the time of adoption, she was probably born on or near April 1.

puck_kitten_tower5However, we both struggled to remember exactly when we brought home our Mister Puck, or why I was so certain that his birthday fell sometime around election day. So I did what any good anal-retentive obsessive-compulsive would do: I went to my office, pulled my packet of tax receipts from fiscal year 2005, went through my old credit card statements, and found the transaction date for the day I paid his adoption fee.

March 6 is now known in our household as “Puck-iversary,” and I feel vindicated for keeping over a decade’s worth of financial records.

New Kitten in the House…

I’ve just arrived home with the adorable kitten from Texas, brought to me and Kara by the wonderfully generous Amy Sisson and ferried home from the airport by my ever-reliable friend Glenn Hauman.

The new kitten has been introduced to the litter box (important after being cooped up in her carrier since 5am), fed a big meal (crucial since she hadn’t eaten since last night), and is now vocalizing strangely and constantly while exploring the house. (Meanwhile, our other cat, Mister Puck, is cowering beneath the guest bed.)

The first photo is one Amy took after rescuing the kitten a couple of weeks or so ago. The second photo I just took as the kitten was prowling toward me across the guest bed in my office.

Isn’t she beautiful? She’s my new baby.

A Tale of Two Cats

It’s been about a week and a half since the passing of my beloved cat, Ripley, and as I look at the calendar, I see that tomorrow marks the seventh anniversary of the passing of her brother, Kilroy. Their respective passages from this life could not have been more different.

(This is a long, sad reminiscence, so I’m putting in a cut to spare the disinterested on my f-list.) (more…)