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Star Trek: Seekers — the contest!

Do you have both of the first two books of Star Trek: Seekers? Here’s a little hint: they look like this —

seekers1 seekers2_cropped

If you do, and you weren’t able to get to Shore Leave in Baltimore last month, and want a shot to win one of these gorgeous posters—


—autographed by yours truly, as well as by authors Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, and Seekers cover artist Rob Caswell, then you need to know about this:

Dayton is running a contest on his blog to give away FIVE of these signed posters. Go there for the details, then enter by September 6, 2014, for a chance to win!

Win a signed copy of the Cold Equations trilogy

The fine folks over at are celebrating their first year of free-to-play streaming service with a special giveaway promotion: a free, autographed copy of all three volumes of my bestselling Star Trek trilogy Cold Equations.

The promotion is aimed at players of the Star Trek Online MMORPG, but if you’re not part of that game just tell TrekRadio that I sent you.

Entering is easy: send an e-mail to between now and February 3, 2013, telling them what you would name your very own Star Trek starship, and why you chose that name. The hosts at TrekRadio will select one winner from all eligible entries received.

Get more details about the Cold Equations giveaway on their website, and stay tuned for news of an upcoming live on-air interview with yours truly on (start polishing up those call-in questions, folks!).


Vanguard: Declassified signed book giveaway!

Quick refresher for those just tuning in: Today is the bound-book date for Star Trek Vanguard: Declassified, an anthology that comprises four brand-new novellas spanning the entire time frame of the Vanguard saga to date:

“Almost Tomorrow” by Dayton Ward

“Hard News” by Kevin Dilmore

“The Ruins of Noble Men” by Marco Palmieri

“The Stars Look Down” by David Mack

To commemorate the book’s imminent release to bookstores everywhere, my friend, former editor, and Vanguard collaborator Marco Palmieri is hosting a contest on his blog at Otherworld Editorial. He’ll be giving away three copies of the new anthology, each one autographed by all four of its authors.

Check out his blog for all the details!

Then keep your eyes open for some kind of clever promotional effort on my part (not to mention Dayton’s) at some point in the very near future…