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Last Night’s Pizzas

Last night, Kara embarked upon a culinary experiment: home-made pizza. She made her own dough from scratch, and we topped it with tasty fresh ingredients. The results were spectacular and delicious.

Both pizzas started with a layer of vodka sauce and whole-milk mozzarella cheese.

The first pie was topped with marinated artichokes, pitted-and-sliced Calamata olives, sliced grape tomatoes fresh from our terrace garden, and chunks of organic goat cheese:

Our second pie was topped with fresh arugula, cooked shrimp, and pitted-and-sliced Calamata olives:

Both were completely awesome fresh from the oven, and just as tasty today cold from the fridge.

We’ll definitely be making pizza again sometime soon.

Adventures in Cooking

This has been a fun week of culinary efforts for me. Because of my wife’s work schedule and the fact that I now work from home, I have taken on certain domestic responsibilities. One of those is making dinner.

For the most part I have tried to keep things simple, sticking to simple recipes and things that I know how to do well. For some reason, however, this week I wanted to attempt a couple of recipes that until now had been my wife’s specialties in our kitchen.