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Semi-Annual Cleaning Frenzy

My parents are coming for an overnight visit tomorrow, and my wife and I are currently in a mad scramble to make our home presentable. Adding to our madness, our friends and next-door neighbors are throwing a BBQ party, and we’ve committed to bring brownies (my specialty) and a fruit pie (my wife’s specialty).

So now that I’ve paid the bills, done the grocery shopping, stocked up on beer and wine, picked up the laundry, made up the guest room, cleaned the cat litter, swept the kitchen, put away the fall/winter clothes and brought down the spring/summer clothes …  I’m taking a break before I feed the cats, dust the living room, unclutter the shelves in the living room and kitchen, bake brownies, and do the dishes.

After all that, maybe I can proof a few more pages of my The 4400 novel before I go to bed.


A gorgeous Saturday

Not much to post about today, honestly.  I spent the afternoon out on the terrace with my wife; she was getting her garden into shape, and I was re-reading my short novel The Sorrows of Empire as a prelude to expanding it to twice the size over the next several weeks.

Took a break. Went out and bought groceries. Came home and took a shower.

Time now for a late dinner. Leftovers this weekend. (A shame, since this is prime barbecuing weather.) For dessert: banana cake with chocolate frosting. Mm-yeah.

My exciting day

Slept until 2pm. Showered. Hurried out to the fresh-pasta place to resupply the freezer with quality ziti, rigatoni, and fettucine, and to have linguine for tonight’s dinner.

Came home. Had my bagel with a shmear and my cup o’ joe.

Checked e-mail. Surfed the Intertubes.

Wrote this pointless post to keep my blog “fresh.” (Do you ever have days when your blog feels “not so fresh”?)

Now I must begin my read-through and polishing draft of the second half of Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice, which is due tomorrow.

At some point today, I might even send out a tweet to all four of my followers on Twitter.