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Read an excerpt from The Calling

calling_final_revised_smFor those of you who might be curious, I’ve just posted the first chapter of The Calling, my upcoming first original novel that is scheduled for publication next month.

Here’s a taste to get you started…

Jung Lee didn’t hear the bullet till it passed through his head.

Hot powder shot up from its ricochet off a concrete skylight housing. The dust stung Jung’s eyes. The slim young Korean man winced against the pain, blinked his eyes clear, then turned to see who had ambushed him.

Enjoy! (ETA: I hope to post the next two chapters sometime during the next two weeks.)

Fighting for virtual ground

In my ongoing quest to improve my search-engine visibility, I have created a Google profile with a “verified name.” I have no idea whether this will make a damned bit of difference, but since I’ve already missed the boat on getting the .com and .net versions of my name on the Web, I figure this can’t hurt.

David Mack Google Profile

If I could send messages to my younger self, among the many pieces of advice I would have given myself in 1995 was “register your name as a dot-com address.” Too late now. Sigh.

Me & Ed in a Picture

Here’s a followup to my previous post — a photo of me with Edward James Olmos.

Well, kind of.

The guy on the left is my pal Christopher Gabbert. The guy on the right, of course, is Mr. Olmos (a.k.a. “Ed”).

I, naturally, am the upstaging twit in the background.

Lunacon schedule

Because I know you all care so much about how I spend my weekends, click here to see my schedule for Lunacon.

In capsule form for those of you too lazy to click:

7PM – The Year in TV (Grand Ballroom North)

11AM – David Honigsberg Life Jam (Mianus River)
2PM – Playing in Someone Else’s Sandbox (Odelle)
4PM – The Author as Sadist: Torturing Your Characters (Poplar)
6PM – Autographing (Westchester Assembly area)

12:30PM – Author Reading (Port Chester)

Those of you attending the con, I look forward to seeing you there!