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My “Desert Island Treks” podcast

Join me and hosts Michael and Sina of‘s podcast Ten Forward on this special David Mack’s Desert Island Treks episode, in which we discuss what five episodes from all of televised Star Trek I would choose to represent the franchise as a whole.

My top five episodes were:

5. TOS – “Mirror, Mirror”
4. DS9 – “Duet”
3. TNG – “Tapestry”
2. DS9 – “Our Man Bashir”
1. TNG – “The Offspring”

And my “honorable mention” close runners-up were:

A. DS9 – “The Visitor”
DS9 – “Trials and Tribble-ations”

To hear the reasoning behind these selections and their respective rankings, listen to the podcast — then listen to previous “Desert Island” episodes featuring the choices of fellow novelist Dayton Ward and comic-book scribe Scott Tipton.