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An “Inside Baseball” look at Vanguard station

Doug Drexler, an acclaimed and award-winning CGI artist who has lent his impressive talents to such series as Star Trek Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica, also has rendered the cover art for the first four Star Trek Vanguard novels.

In a recent post on his blog, Drex Files, Doug talks a little about working with designer Masao Okazaki’s original designs, and how they ended up inspiring part of the remastered version of the original-series episode “The Ultimate Computer.”

It’s fun reading, as is the rest of Doug’s blog. Give it a look!

Spiffy new look for my site

I’m feeling rather pleased. I’ve just finished a design-and-coding overhaul of my Web site:

Upcoming improvements still in the works will be a shift of my domain name from virtual forwarding to full hosting on so that I can use it as a fully functional site. Once that change is completed, my new official Web site will be:

Until then, I will simply sigh with relief that this long-overdue facelift for my old site is now done.