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Last night’s dream

I had a damn strange dream last night.

I was driving this enormous oversized vehicle through narrow streets to deliver something. When I and the crew on the vehicle reached our destination, I discovered that we were delivering a humongous antique desk to the Harlem office of Bill Clinton.

While the desk traveled in the freight elevator, I rode in the regular elevator with President Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Got to chat with them. They were quite gracious. Then I supervised the delivery and setup of the desk, all the while hoping I might get to have my photo taken with them afterward. I woke up before that happened, though.

Dammit, even my dreams are missed opportunities.

Last night’s last dream

I dreamed last night that I was bicycling a long distance by myself. I was traveling on country roads; the weather was warm but pleasant. Then I reached the end of one road and the start of another running perpendicular to it. I was prepared to make the turn and continue my journey as soon as I had a drink of water and checked my map.

Then I discovered that I had, inexplicably, left behind my map, water, wallet—indeed, my entire backpack of vital supplies—many dozens of miles back the way I’d come.

I had to make a choice: go forward without sustenance or a map or money, or go back and retrieve what I had lost. As much as I hated the idea of going back, I realized I had no choice. Without water or a map, there was no chance of finishing my journey. I turned back.

Then I awoke, displeased at what this dream might signify if interpreted as a metaphor for my life and/or career.

So near, yet so far

Ever since I was 15 years old, I have dreamed of owning and driving a 1985 Ferrari 308GTS. Preferably black, but I wouldn’t refuse a red one.

Today there is one for sale in a parking lot only feet from my home.

ferrari_smA company that specializes in rare and exotic cars maintains an overflow lot on the corner of the street where I live. I have on occasion lusted after classic Porsche 911s or the recently acquired pair of 1972 Aston Martin V8s. But the Ferrari 308 is my dream car.

Spare me the Magnum, P.I., jokes.  I don’t want to grow a cheesy mustache: I just want this car.

Anyone got $40k to spare?