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Krugman on McCain

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman published the following item a few hours ago in his NYT blog, The Conscience of a Liberal:

McCain on banking and health

The money quote: “McCain, who now poses as the scourge of Wall Street, was praising financial deregulation like 10 seconds ago — and promising that if we marketize health care, it will perform as well as the financial industry!”

This is beyond scary. Can someone please hang John McCain’s presidential bid with this? Please?

Wall Street’s Woes & Social Security

Here’s a talking point that I think should be spread far and wide:

If John McCain and George Bush had succeeded in their efforts to privatize Social Security, the Wall Street meltdown of the past several days would have dealt a critical blow to the retirement security of millions of Americans, including the majority of its senior citizens whose fixed incomes would be the most vulnerable.

This is why privatizing Social Security — a move that John McCain endorsed when Bush proposed it in 2004, and which he continued to endorse as recently as six months ago — is a really bad idea.

Social Security, as it’s currently constituted, is stable; the stock market, as we’ve just seen, is not.

So why the hell does a slight plurality of voters still say it trusts John McCain with the economy more than it trusts Barack Obama?

I think someone needs to take this talking point and go stab those morons with it.