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The ep that launched a thousand snarks

Welcome to yet another Thursday and, with it, another piping-hot installment of the weekly column Star Trek Re-watch by yours truly and Dayton Ward. This week, I’m on recap duty, and Dayton’s in charge of analysis.

This week’s episode of interest is Elaan of Troyius.” Jeez, talked about mixed metaphors: the title references Helen of Troy, the plot is cribbed from Shakespeare’s play The Taming of the Shrew, and the costumes are swiped in equal parts from Antony & Cleopatra and your grandmother’s kitchen.

This is actually kind of a fun episode … but it’s not what one would call one of Star Trek‘s more “enlightened” hours of entertainment.

Catch up on our recaps of third-season Star Trek with this handy index:

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  11. Wink of an Eye
  12. The Empath

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Be sure to watch this space next week, when we bring you Dayton’s play-by-play and my color commentary on Whom Gods Destroy.” (Watch it for free on the CBS website.)

Until then, here’s wishing everyone a very happy, safe, and prosperous New Year!