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Whom Gods Destroy, They First Re-watch

Heavens help us, it’s Thursday again, and that can mean only one thing: another installment of TOR.COM‘s infamous Star Trek Re-watch has escaped its cage and gone rampaging around the intertubes. This week’s episode: Whom Gods Destroy.”

So far on our nostalgia tour through Star Trek‘s third season, my cohort Dayton Ward and I have revised our opinions of some episodes that frequently are maligned. This, alas, is not one of those episodes.

Re-watch this one if you like, but we’d advise you to remove any sharp objects from your immediate vicinity before doing so, lest you succumb to an overpowering urge to gouge out your eyeballs and pierce your eardrums.

Meanwhile, catch up on our recaps-and-analyses of third-season Star Trek with this handy index:

  1. Spock’s Brain
  2. The Enterprise Incident
  3. The Paradise Syndrome
  4. And the Children Shall Lead
  5. Is There in Truth No Beauty?
  6. Spectre of the Gun
  7. Day of the Dove
  8. For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
  9. The Tholian Web
  10. Plato’s Stepchildren
  11. Wink of an Eye
  12. The Empath
  13. Elaan of Troyius

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Then mark your calendar and rejoin us next week when we re-watch Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,” the stale black-and-white cookie of the Star Trek canon!

Peace out.