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Star Trek movies on demand

I was excited earlier this evening to learn that many cable-TV providers throughout the United States would be offering a Star Trek movies-on-demand channel starting today. When my wife and I sat down tonight for dinner in front of the TV, I checked the on-demand menu and, to my delight, there it was:

The Star Trek Movies On Demand Channel.  Sweeeeeeet.

Want to know what made it an even more happy-making moment? At the top of the list of movies was what I consider to be the best Star Trek movie ever made:

Galaxy Quest.

You read that right. The Star Trek Movies On Demand Channel offered through Time Warner Cable of New York City launched tonight with Galaxy Quest in the number-one spot. Whether this was a one-time joke or something that someone in charge at TWC signed off on, it makes me happy to know that someone with geek cred was paying attention when they launched this thing.

Kudos to Time Warner Cable. (And believe me, I don’t have reason to say that very often…)