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Star Trek Re-watch: “The Savage Curtain”

Welcome to another Thursday and another installment of the feature Star Trek Re-watch with analysis by yours truly and a recap by the inestimable Dayton Ward. This week we pull back The Savage Curtain to find the man standing behind it is… Abraham Lincoln?

Yeah, it’s gonna be one of those episodes. Pay no attention to the dead president behind the curtain. Instead be amazed that the reason Klingons call Kahless “the Unforgettable” is that he’s the Rich Little of Qo’noS, with his uncannily spot-on voice impressions. Ooo, he does Surak! Ooo, now he does Lincoln! Excuse me, Mister Kahless? Can you do John Wayne?

Only two more third-season episodes to go after this, and then we’ll bring you a season three wrap-up and a special bonus re-watch of the original Star Trek pilot, The Cage.”

As always, leave all comments on the Tor article, as it will sustain the illusion that what Dayton and I have been doing over there is in any way meaningful or worthwhile.

We’ll see y’all again next week when we present our skewering of All Our Yesterdays.”