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Going behind the scenes of history…

Cool news: I just received an e-mail letting me know that I’ve been selected as one of 200 guests for a special behind-the-scenes tour of the American Museum of Natural History here in New York City tomorrow night!

The event is being sponsored by Gizmodo, io9, and the museum. I signed up on Monday, not knowing if I’d have a shot of being chosen for the private lab tour with the scientists. When I received the e-mail a few minutes ago, I was psyched—the AMNH has long been my favorite museum in the city, perhaps the world. I’ve been there several times, and could gladly spend a whole day roaming from one exhibit to another. Now, I’ll get a chance to see the non-public parts of the museum, after being a fan of the institution for many years.

I’m so excited, I might even shave and wear a tie tomorrow night. 🙂


The Greatest Film Review Ever Written

Lifted from @kevindilmore on Twitter: the greatest piece of film criticism ever written —

Michael Bay Finally Made An Art Movie

By Charlie Jane Anders

Here’s a taste of CJA’s incandescent critical brilliance:

LaBoeuf projects a pathetic, wall-eyed dorkhood, when he’s not babbling like a tumor removed from Woody Allen’s prostate that somehow achieved sentience.

And then there’s this gem:

Transformers: ROTF is so long, you’ll need to wear adult diapers to it. But the movie’s pure celebration of the primal urge, and unfiltered living, will make you rejoice in your adult diapers. You’ll relieve yourself in your seat with a savage joy, your barbaric yawp blending in with the crowd’s screams of excitement.

If there were a Pulitzer prize for Sarcasm, I’d say Charlie Jane Anders just earned it. Brava!