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Talking ‘Rogue’ on The 24 Podcast

24 RogueLast week, I was interviewed via Skype by Joshua Rivers of The 24 Podcast about my most recently published novel, 24: Rogue.

We discussed how I got my start in the business before diving into the inspiration behind, research for, and influences upon, my contribution to the continuing adventures of Jack Bauer.

Joshua also gave me a chance to talk about what kinds of stories I think work best in prose vs. which work best on screen, and why; the advantages of prose storytelling over scripted narratives; and much more. I also reveal the novel’s one big continuity error that somehow slipped past everyone involved in the book’s vetting process.

Listen to the interview here. It runs about half an hour and should give you a pretty good idea what the book is all about.

24: ROGUE – Now on Sale!

After what has felt to me like an interminable wait, the publication day for my Jack Bauer adventure 24: ROGUE has arrived at last!



This is an all-new, original adventure for Jack. It takes place roughly two years after 24: Season 8 (New York), which ended with Jack going on the run, a fugitive from the United States and its allies, after he went rogue to take down the members of a conspiracy that killed his beloved Renée Walker.

It’s also set nearly two years before the events of 24: Live Another Day (London), which occurred after Jack emerged from his four-year-long, self-imposed exile.

This is my first novel for Tor/Forge Books, so get your copy today!


More Podcasty Goodness!

ST.Section.31.Disavowed.CvrAs promised, here is the second half of my recent interview with Michael and Ros, hosts of The Captain’s Table on

In Part Two of their new interview with me (recorded on January 30, 2015), we cover a number of subjects, including my recent and upcoming book projects. (Listen to Part One here.)

Topics included my recent Star Trek: Section 31 novel Disavowed, my upcoming Jack Bauer novel 24: Rogue, and The Midnight Front, my upcoming original trilogy for Tor Books.

It was a fun and informative conversation, so if you have an hour to spare, give it a listen!



24: ROGUE has an approved cover!

Jack Bauer’s actions while living on the run between the end of Season 8 and Live Another Day might not have been officially sanctioned by the U.S. government, but the manuscript and cover for my all-new thriller 24: Rogue have been approved by the powers that be at Fox.

To whit, feast your eyes upon the awesomeness of the cover:


This fast-paced, action-packed adventure will be coming to all your favorite book retailers this September courtesy of the fine folks at Tor/Forge Books. So if you’re a Jack Bauer fan, pre-order 24: Rogue today.

Coming in 2015 — 24: ROGUE

As of today, I have the go-ahead to announce that the novel I spent the summer writing was, in fact, a 24 tie-in for Tor/Forge.


Currently titled 24: ROGUE, it is an all-new Jack Bauer adventure. It will feature everything fans of the series have come to expect: gunfights, close-quarters combat, explosions, car chases, some familiar faces from the past, some in-jokes, and, of course, the 24-hour ticking clock.

Until the manuscript receives final approval, I need to be circumspect with regard to the story’s details. Also, before the image above goes viral, that’s just a mock cover I made to inspire myself while I was writing the book — IT IS NOT THE BOOK’S ACTUAL COVER.

I also don’t yet have an official publication date; my current best guess is that it will come out some time in 2015.

When I’m able to say more, I will. For now, I’m just excited to be able to tell y’all this much. I’ve wanted to write a Jack Bauer adventure for many years, and I’m grateful to Tor/Forge and editor Melissa Frain for helping me cross this one off my tie-in-author wish list.

Kirks Not Taken

I had an idle thought this week while watching Kiefer Sutherland chew the scenery on 24.

If the new Star Trek film hadn’t been a reboot with a cadet-aged Kirk … if it had been instead a re-imagining of the five-year mission … Kiefer Sutherland might actually make an awesome adult James T. Kirk:

Jim Kirk, meet Jack Bauer
Jim Kirk, meet Jack Bauer

Your mileage may vary.

A new day (of torture) begins…

I have to admit, I have conflicted feelings about Sunday’s  season premiere of 24.

On the one hand, I am a big fan of the series. I love the intricacy of the plotting, even though it’s kind of absurd that something goes horribly awry like clockwork precisely every 60 minutes and Jack Bauer never so much as comments on it. (“Hang on, Chloe — it’s two minutes to the top of the hour. Something must be about to hit the fan!”)

What troubles me is that the show has, for several seasons, been a cheerleader and how-to video for torture. (more…)