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LG Premium Service is anything but

Long story short: last night my LG 37″ HDTV joined the choir invisible. Total main board failure. Bummer.

But I wasn’t too worried. A few years back, when I first got the set, the screen went wonky, so I called the service number, they sent a tech, and he fixed it on-site in one day. Since then, I’ve paid for the extended premium service plan. So I figured this was a minor annoyance to be dealt with, but not an impossible one.

Today, I called the toll-free LG “Premium Care” service number. First they told me my service plan had expired. I fixed that by reading them the contract number off my current certificate (which is valid through 2013).

Then, after I described the problem, they said the recommended service method is “Depot Service.” In other words, they ship me a big box, which takes 3-5 business days to get here. I put my HDTV in the box and ship it to their service depot. It takes 3-5 business days to get there. Then it takes them 7-10 business days to repair it, provided they don’t need to back-order any parts. Then they ship it back to me, taking another 3-5 business days.

Let’s assume the best-case scenario: 3 business days for a box, 3 business days to get there, 7 business days for repair, and 3 business days to get back. That’s 16 business days: Over three weeks.

But since when do these things ever go as perfectly as possible? I think the worst-case scenario is far more likely:

It takes 5 business days for their box to get to me, 5 business days to get to their depot, 10 business days for repair, and another 5 business days to return to me. That’s 25 business days: five calendar weeks. Over a month.

Apparently, an on-site technician is not an option, they tell me. If I want to take advantage of the service plan I paid for, I have to let them take away my television for a month, and maybe longer.

Really, LG? I have a different solution: I’ll go out to Best Buy and purchase a better television — and NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG PRODUCT AS LONG AS I LIVE.