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PSA: Jon del Arroz Is a Liar

Most people in F/SF circles already know this, but it bears occasional repetition: Jon del Arroz is a lying piece of shit.

In his latest column of frothing right-wing drivel over at Bounding Into Comics (the Truth Social of fan sites), the lying shitbird del Arroz took a tangent from complaining about Vulcans mentioning gender pronouns in a recent Star Trek comic to throw some casual libel my way:

To paraphrase Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi, every word of what he wrote here is wrong. (I’m not going to link to the article in question because I refuse to help drive traffic to their dumpster fire of a site.)

I did not cancel what would have been my first-ever Author Guest of Honor appearance to “taunt” the state of Tennessee. I canceled because on November 12, 2021, the Tennessee state legislature and its governor enacted a law that compromised the convention’s ability to take proper precautionary measures to ensure the safety of guests, employees, etc. (This is something that much larger events, such as San Diego Comic-Con International and GenCon both accomplished with relative ease.)

Del Arroz purports (read: lies) that the Tennessee state law “did not impact the convention.” But he’s dead wrong, and he knows it, because all of this was documented at the time of the cancellation. The convention’s legal team concurred with the following analysis of the full text of the law (highlight added for emphasis):


As you can see, the convention did not have the option of requiring proof of vaccination as a condition of entry to the Memphis event. This law, enacted in November 2021 and effective through at least July 2023, expressly prohibits such actions — not just against employees but against all persons, for all reasons, including “access” and “services.”

Lastly, del Arroz ends his libelous tangent with one more lie. He claims I “went on to attack fans upset with [my] cancellation, stating, ‘I doubt you understood my books anyway.’ ” To be clear, that remark was not directed at multiple persons, or at fans in general. It was directed solely and exclusively at del Arroz himself, because he was, is, and shall remain a moron and a liar. And I still doubt he would understand my books.

Go fuck yourself, Jon del Arroz, you lying piece of shit.