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Midnight Rider: Love Betrayed, Love Avenged

Out_of_Tune_II-2Part two of my recent interview with the guys at‘s Stage 9 is now live! In this segment, we talk about my new “weird Western” tale “Midnight Rider,” from the new anthology Out of Tune, Book 2, edited by Jonathan Maberry.

My story was inspired by the old English ballad “The Suffolk Miracle,” and I spoke with Stage 9 about the thought process that led me to make the creative decisions necessary for this adaptation of the ballad’s tale to a new setting and ending. We also discuss the challenges and rewards of writing short fiction versus novels.

Give it a listen!

OUT OF TUNE, Book 2 – On Sale Now!

OUT OF TUNE – Book 2, a brand-new anthology of original stories by some of today’s top authors of horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction, is out now, ready for immediate shipping and download!

Out_of_Tune_II-2  midnightrider_large

In addition to featuring new fiction by such noted authors as Delilah S. Dawson, Cherie M. Priest, Laura Anne Gilman, and Rachel Caine, OUT OF TUNE – Book 2 includes my new short story Midnight Rider,” a “weird Western” tale of love denied and trust betrayed, inspired by the classic folk song “The Suffolk Miracle.”

Edited by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry, this volume will be sure to delight fans of every stripe of speculative fiction.