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Today’s David Mack News Update

Afternoon, sports fans!

First here is the rundown of my scribblings that are expected to arrive in print during calendar year 2009.

March (or thereabouts): Star Trek Magazine, Voyager Special: my article about whether Neelix or the Emergency Medical Hologram was the better man — and what my verdict says about me.

July: The Calling, a supernatural thriller set in modern-day New York, and my first published work of original fiction.

October: The 4400: Promises Broken — the long-awaited “grand finale” tale of this prematurely canceled TV series created by Scott Peters and René Echevarria

December: Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice, the fifth book in this series that I co-developed with Marco Palmieri and on which I have shared the writing duties with Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.

In addition, I have a project confirmed for publication in February 2010: an expansion of my Star Trek Mirror Universe short novel, The Sorrows of Empire, into a full-length paperback.

Upcoming Public Appearances:

New York Comic Con
February 6–8, 2009
Jacob Javits Center
New York, N.Y.

Shore Leave
July 10–12, 2009
Marriott’s Hunt Valley Inn
Baltimore, MD

In addition, I have been invited to participate in Lunacon (in March) and I-Con (in April), two local New York-area conventions. I have not yet confirmed for either one, but I’ll keep y’all posted.

That’s all for now. You may return to your irregularly schedule web-browsing, already in progress.

Book News: The Sorrows of Empire

Now that editor Margaret Clark has broken the news on, I can post it here:

One of my upcoming projects will be an expansion of my 2007 Star Trek: Mirror Universe short novel, The Sorrows of Empire. The original told the story of Spock’s 29-year rise and fall from power, and not only how but why he transformed the Terran Empire into the Terran Republic.

The original version of the story, published as part of the trade-paperback anthology Star Trek: Mirror Universe, Vol. 1: Glass Empires, was approximately 46,000 words long. My new commission for this project is to add another 40,000-50,000 words to the story, expanding its scope to reveal more characters’ points of view, more of the historical sweep of the 23rd century, and more of Spock’s grand plan.

The expanded edition of The Sorrows of Empire will be published in February 2010 as a mass-market paperback.

first review of Shards and Shadows

As noted by kradical and ineti, starri1 has posted his review of the new Star Trek Mirror Universe short-story anthology, Shards and Shadows.

From his remarks about my story, “For Want of a Nail” —

“Given all of my glowing love for just about every one of Mack’s other stories, I think you can fairly safely assume that this story would have had to release flesh-eating beetles from its pages in order for me to not find something to like. Fortunately, while he was poking about in the dark corners, he found something interesting as well, most notably the dynamic Memory Omega superteam of K’Ehleyr and Reg Barclay. Their pairing as work chums (where, of course, Reg is secretly in love with her) who grew up together inside the secret base on Regula I is such a good idea, just because it’s so elegantly simple.”

Be warned, however: The reviewer’s other effusive comments are laden with serious spoilers about many of my story’s twists.