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Cat the Younger

Last night, as Kara and I sat watching TV, Mister Puck, the younger of our two cats, came to sit on the arm of the sofa beside me. As I was petting his back, I noticed a peculiar resistance — and as I investigated further, I discovered that a large and unusual lump had formed under his skin, at the spot where he was vaccinated a couple of weeks ago.

Naturally, I was concerned immediately. This morning I googled the symptoms and found a page about various types of growths/lumps that occur in cats. None of them are good. One that can happen as a reaction to vaccination is the fibrosarcoma.

Now we need to make a followup appointment for the little beast and get this dealt with. And I sense that I am going to regret not signing up Mister Puck for pet insurance when I had the chance, because the resolution to this matter will almost certainly involve surgery, which is never cheap.

*Sigh.* I am convinced that my cats are trying to bankrupt me.