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Nominate my books for a Nebula—if you dare

The nominating period is open for the next round of Nebula Awards. And would you look at that! I have four novels eligible for consideration, including my New York Times bestseller, The Persistence of Memory. (The others are Star Trek Vanguard: Storming Heaven, released in March, and my two upcoming titles, Silent Weapons and The Body Electric, which go on sale in November and December, respectively.)

I know the vast majority of my fellow SFWA members will reflexively recoil from the the notion of nominating any of my eligible works, simply because their titles include the words Star Trek. They would react the same way to any book published under the label of Star Wars, or any other licensed brand, such as HALO or World of Warcraft.

So I’m going to ask my fellow SFWA members who are also tie-in authors, or friends of tie-in authors, to do something unprecedented: nominate tie-in novels this year (preferably mine), just to see if we can get one on the final ballot and make the SFWA membership’s collective head explode. (Although some tie-in works might have made preliminary ballots in years past, no tie-in novel has ever reached the Nebula final ballot.)

Also, I’m pretty sure SFWA has an obscure by-law that says if a tie-in novel wins the Nebula, the organization’s current slate of elected officers must commit seppuku with ballpoint pens at the award ceremony. If that’s not reason enough for y’all to throw me a nomination for The Persistence of Memory, I don’t know what is. So, c’mon — let’s get nominating!