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Oblivion’s Gate nominated for 2022 Dragon Award

The Dragon Awards

The 2022 Dragon Award ballot has been released, and I’m proud to share that Star Trek: Coda, Book III – Oblivion’s Gate is up for Best Media Tie-in Novel.

Star Trek Coda, Book 3, Oblivion's Gate, by David MackIt shares this honor with four other excellent novels by some of the best tie-in authors in the business:

Star Wars: The Fallen Star by Claudia Gray

Star Trek: Picard – Rogue Elements by John Jackson Miller

HALO: Divine Wind by Troy Denning … and

Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil by Timothy Zahn

Man, that is some MAJOR competition.

I won’t lie to you — I’d really love for Oblivion’s Gate to win this thing, but looking at that list even I have to admit my book is one of this year’s underdogs.

If you previously nominated Oblivion’s Gate for the 2022 Dragon Awards, check your email for a link to the final ballot, and vote for Oblivion’s Gate to win!

If you missed the nomination phase, you can still vote on the final ballot for free! All you need is a valid email. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TO VOTE.


The Iron Codex is up for a Dragon Award

My secret-history fantasy thriller The Iron Codex has been nominated for a 2019 Dragon Award in the category of Best Alternate History Novel!

I’m grateful to all the fans who signed up and nominated my book for this honor. Of course, my tome is up against some serious heavyweight competition, so the odds of me taking home the award are slim, at best.

Still, I urge you, whoever you are, to sign up to vote now if you haven’t already — it’s free, and all it takes is an email — and please, if you think my book deserves it, give it your vote as Best Alternate History Novel.

In addition, some of my friends have works on this year’s final ballot, in other categories. If you’re willing, I hope you’ll consider casting your votes for their works, as well:

Best Military SF Novel: Uncompromising Honor by David Weber

Best Media Tie-in Novel: Star Trek: Discovery – The Way to the Stars by Una McCormack

Best Horror Novel: 100 Fathoms Below by Steven L. Kent, Nicholas Kaufmann

Best Graphic Novel: Monstress Vol. 3 by Marjorie Liu, Sana Takeda

Thanks to all who have supported my work up to this point, and to all who vote for it to win!


Meet the 2012 Scribe Award nominees

The International Association of Media Tie-in Writers (IAMTW) has just announced the nominees for its next round of Scribe Awards, which recognize excellence in the field of writing for media tie-in franchises (such as Star Wars, Star Trek, or any property that exists in another medium, such as comics, games, film, or TV).

This year’s big surprise: something I wrote actually received a nomination. Which means that when the winners are announced this July at the IAMTW’s panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, I will get to say the immortal words, “It’s an honor just to have been nominated.”

Here is the full list of this year’s nominees, by category:

Original Novel
Star Trek: The Rings of Time by Greg Cox
Tannhäuser: Rising Sun, Falling Shadows by Robert T. Jeschonek
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Cold Equations, Book 1: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack
Darksiders: The Abomination Vault by Ari Marmell
Pathfinder: City of the Fallen Sky by Tim Pratt
Dungeons and Dragons Online: Skein of Shadows by Marsheila Rockwell
Mike Hammer: Lady, Go Die! by Mickey Spillane & Max Collins

Adapted Novel
Clockwork Angels by Kevin J. Anderson
Batman: The Dark Knight Rises by Greg Cox
Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (YA novelization) by Stacia Deutsch
Poptropica: Astroknights Island by Tracey West

Dark Shadows: The Eternal Actress by Nev Fountain
Dark Shadows: Dress Me in Dark Dreams by Marty Ross
Doctor Who: Companion Chronicles: Project Nirvana by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright

My congratulations and best wishes go out to all the other nominees, especially my friends Greg Cox and Kevin J. Anderson.


Nominate my books for a Nebula—if you dare

The nominating period is open for the next round of Nebula Awards. And would you look at that! I have four novels eligible for consideration, including my New York Times bestseller, The Persistence of Memory. (The others are Star Trek Vanguard: Storming Heaven, released in March, and my two upcoming titles, Silent Weapons and The Body Electric, which go on sale in November and December, respectively.)

I know the vast majority of my fellow SFWA members will reflexively recoil from the the notion of nominating any of my eligible works, simply because their titles include the words Star Trek. They would react the same way to any book published under the label of Star Wars, or any other licensed brand, such as HALO or World of Warcraft.

So I’m going to ask my fellow SFWA members who are also tie-in authors, or friends of tie-in authors, to do something unprecedented: nominate tie-in novels this year (preferably mine), just to see if we can get one on the final ballot and make the SFWA membership’s collective head explode. (Although some tie-in works might have made preliminary ballots in years past, no tie-in novel has ever reached the Nebula final ballot.)

Also, I’m pretty sure SFWA has an obscure by-law that says if a tie-in novel wins the Nebula, the organization’s current slate of elected officers must commit seppuku with ballpoint pens at the award ceremony. If that’s not reason enough for y’all to throw me a nomination for The Persistence of Memory, I don’t know what is. So, c’mon — let’s get nominating!