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Lurkers, Declare Yourselves!

Several days each month I cast words into the void via my blog. Most of my posts never receive replies, except from a small handful of my real-life friends. This post is not for them; it is for you, my casual reader, my longtime lurker, my first-time visitor.

If you have never posted on my blog before, or if you have even though we’ve never met in person, post a reply and let me know you stopped by. (I know you’re out there — I can hear you clicking.) Say something funny. Post a link to your own blog or web site.

Feeling inquisitive? Ask me a question. As long as it’s not too personal (and I’ll be the judge of that), I’ll do my best to answer it. Limit one random query per visitor.

This is your chance, folks. Step out of those virtual shadows and say “hello.”