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Low marks for “The Mark of Gideon”

I’ve been so busy today checking the digital copyedit on my upcoming Star Trek Vanguard novella “The Stars Look Down” that I nearly forgot to pimp this week’s Star Trek Re-watch column on

Today, the indefatigable Dayton Ward and I give low marks to The Mark of Gideon,” a third-season Star Trek episode that’s all about overpopulation, skewed priorities, and flawed premises.

All I can say is that all of you out there should be very happy that Dayton and I watched this episode, because now you never have to. As always, please leave all comments on the article. It creates the illusion for our editors that our blogging fees aren’t just money down a rat hole.

But wait, there’s more! Leave a comment on this thread by noon on Friday 1/21 EST for a chance to win a copy of Dayton’s new Star Trek: Typhon Pact novel, Paths of Disharmony.


That’s my rhyme. Catch y’all on the bounce next week when Dayton and I figure out whether That Which Survives is also that which sucks.