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Farewell, Robbie

It is with a heavy heart that I note the passing of Robbie Greenberger, the 20-year-old son of my friend Robert Greenberger. Robbie fought a valiant battle against leukemia, but the odds were against him.

I first met Robbie when he was still in single digits, and even then I had been impressed by his intelligence and charisma. He was one of the sharpest, most charming, and most emotionally brave souls I’ve yet met.

The world has been robbed by his untimely passing, but none of us have been hurt so cruelly by this as his family has been. I simply cannot fathom (and hope that I never have to) what Bob, his wife Deb, and their daughter Katie are enduring right now. This is a tragedy beyond any words I can muster.

The only phrase that seems to capture it properly is “It’s just not fucking fair.”

I know, nothing is. But fuck.



Tonight I’ll raise a glass of the good stuff, in Robbie’s memory.