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Franken is one step closer to Washington

According to a post by Joan Walsh at, the Democratic National Committee has issued a news alert stating that the three-judge panel supervising the Minnesota senatorial election recount has declared Democratic candidate Al Franken the winner of the recount.

Norm Coleman and his legal counsel have vowed to carry their appeal to the Minnesota state supreme court, which must be filed within the next ten days. If the Minnesota state supreme court declines the appeal, that will be the ball game.

So, while Al Franken might not be taking his seat in D.C. just yet, he has inched that much closer to doing so by summer.

Fingers crossed.

New York’s next senator?

I’m seeing reports on several political-news sites that Governor David Paterson of New York is set to announce on Friday who he is appointing to fill Hillary Clinton’s now-vacant seat in the U.S. Senate. While the major news outlets remain cagey, framing their reports in the cautious language of “signs point to,” the political chattering class says the governor will name…

Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, a centrist upstate Democrat who received a 100-percent approval rating from the National Rifle Association. (more…)