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Star Trek Mirror Universe eBooks on sale in April

A new month means a new Star Trek eBooks promotion. This month’s featured deal is the Mirror Universe books!  There are five titles on sale for $0.99 each during the month of April. Here they are in original publication order:
Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Glass Empires
Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances
Star Trek: Mirror Universe: The Sorrows of Empire
Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows
Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions
If you haven’t read these before, there are a few things you should know.
First, they were written to sync with the depiction of the Mirror Universe as it had been shown through the end of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series, and to coordinate with the ongoing Star Trek literary continuity. Some recent changes to canon on Star Trek: Discovery won’t jibe with these books.
Second, The Sorrows of Empire is a greatly expanded and revised version of my original short novel in the first anthology, Glass Empires. For the novel version I nearly doubled the length of the book and made a number of changes and edits to improve upon the original.
Third, I contributed to all of these volumes.
In the second anthology, Obsidian Alliances, I wrote the DS9 short novel Saturn’s Children under the pseudonym Sarah Shaw. My short story For Want of a Nail concludes the short-story anthology Shards and Shadows.
Fourth (and finally), the events of The Sorrows of Empire, Saturn’s Children, “For Want…”, and Rise Like Lions all have continuity links to my other Star Trek novels (especially my Section 31 books and my TNG trilogy Cold Equations), so get ready to spot some Easter eggs!

Book News: The Sorrows of Empire

Now that editor Margaret Clark has broken the news on, I can post it here:

One of my upcoming projects will be an expansion of my 2007 Star Trek: Mirror Universe short novel, The Sorrows of Empire. The original told the story of Spock’s 29-year rise and fall from power, and not only how but why he transformed the Terran Empire into the Terran Republic.

The original version of the story, published as part of the trade-paperback anthology Star Trek: Mirror Universe, Vol. 1: Glass Empires, was approximately 46,000 words long. My new commission for this project is to add another 40,000-50,000 words to the story, expanding its scope to reveal more characters’ points of view, more of the historical sweep of the 23rd century, and more of Spock’s grand plan.

The expanded edition of The Sorrows of Empire will be published in February 2010 as a mass-market paperback.