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Steve Roby’s review of Gods of Night

Steve Roby has posted a lengthy and very well-reasoned review of Star Trek Destiny, Book I: Gods of Night on his blog.

I love this review not only for the nice things he says about the book, but also because of his very legitimate (though mild) criticisms, some of which echo a few of my own feelings about the finished book.

A few of the quotes I most enjoyed:

“Continuing with the Hernandez storyline, I really liked the big old-fashioned space opera/adventure feel of it, with its mysterious and powerful aliens, and the huge, scientifically advanced alien cities. … The Caeliar world has a good, old-fashioned SF alien feel about it, and it’s fun to find a big exploration and adventure story as part of what so many people think will be a Borg overdose.”

“This is how to do a Star Trek crossover. With epic scope, intensity, and raw emotion, Gods of Night is a powerful beginning to a story that looks likely to have real consequences for the Star Trek universe. Not to be missed.”

Color me pleased. 🙂