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Cold Equations, in the house!

My author’s copies of The Persistence of Memory, book one of my new Star Trek: The Next Generation trilogy Cold Equations, have arrived:

Aren’t they bee-yoo-tee-ful?

If you’re coming to New York Comic Con and want to get your hands on advance sale copies of this book, you’ll have to move quickly: only 20 copies will be made available for the show, and they’ll be sold on the convention floor by first time NYCC vender Barnes and Noble, which will also be hosting my signing.

They’ll also have copies of my final Star Trek Vanguard novel, Storming Heaven, so if you missed that back in March, pick it up next week in New York and get it signed by moi!

Storming Heaven on Locus bestseller list

Courtesy of a heads-up from my friend and fellow author Dayton Ward, I awoke today to the news that my most recent novel, Star Trek Vanguard: Storming Heaven, has cracked this month’s Locus Bestseller list for Media-Related fiction. Kudos to Dayton for snagging the top spot on that list with his recent original series Star Trek novel, That Which Divides!

Not a bad way to start the day. Not as good as a strong cup o’ java, but I was going to have one of those anyway.

Enough crowing. Back to work now on the manuscript for The Body Electric, the final book of this fall’s Cold Equations trilogy.



New 5-star review for Storming Heaven

Sorry I’ve been lax on the blog front lately; I’ve been trying to make my deadline on the Star Trek: The Next Generation — Cold Equations trilogy. Someday soon I hope to have cover art to share … but today is not that day.

I’ve come slouching out of the shadows this evening to share these excerpts from a new review of Star Trek Vanguard: Storming Heaven by John Keegan on Critical Myth-Interpretations

“[Storming Heaven] unspools at a blistering pace … This was dark, gritty Trek at its best.”

“The pace is relentless. … The result is a book that you don’t want to put down, because there’s no telling what might come next. Even the climax of the series, in the final third of the book, seems to escalate at frightening speed.”

“For those who may have been sitting on the fence, waiting to see if it would have a good enough ending to justify giving the series a shot, rest assured: this is one Star Trek saga that does not disappoint.”

John also shared his review over on GoodReads, where he gave Storming Heaven 5/5 stars. Thanks, John!

Star Trek Vanguard Podcasts

At long last, the promised Star Trek Vanguard Authors’ Roundtable Podcast is live and available for download and streaming playback thanks to John S. Drew and Keith R.A. DeCandido at The Chronic Rift.

This roughly hour-long discussion brings together the Vanguard series’ original editor, Marco Palmieri, myself, and fellow authors and creative partners Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. We answer questions submitted by fans, covering everything from the saga’s inception to its finale.

We also announce the winners of the Star Trek Vanguard autographed book sets — congratulations to Johnny Blues and Nick Fisher — as well as the special-prize recipient, Rick Mackey, who receives a limited-edition lenticular poster of the cover art from the series’ first novel, Harbinger.

Another special treat is my April 17, 2012, 90-minute audio interview with Timewarp and Nydra at, and which is now available via the Trek Radio On Demand page. We discussed not only Star Trek Vanguard but also my recent Mirror Universe novel Rise Like Lions, my upcoming trilogy Cold Equations, and the writing life in general.

PLUS! COMING UP ON MONDAY, APRIL 23 from 3PM–5PM, I will be back on Trek Radio with a very special presentation: The Music of Star Trek Vanguard. I will be sharing not only commentary but also complete musical tracks that were either mentioned in the text of the novels or that inspired specific events, characters, and the master arc of the series itself. This promises to be a unique glimpse into both my creative process and the backstory of the saga.

Chat w/me April 17 on

Newsflash, Sports Fans!

On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, from 4PM-5PM ET (1PM-2PM PT), I will be chatting live via Skype with hosts Timewarp-DJ & Nydra at about my recent Star Trek novels Storming Heaven and Rise Like Lions, my drinking habits, random things that piss me off, and what new projects I have coming up.

Tune in to listen, and tweet your questions to the hosts at @TrekRadio before tomorrow’s interview. The interview will probably also be available for download or streaming playback after we’re done, so check back for that link if you miss tomorrow’s show.

In other podcast news, stay tuned for an update on when the Vanguard Authors’ Roundtable Podcast will go live courtesy of the folks at The Chronic Rift, and I’ll have news soon about a special music-related Vanguard streaming podcast that’s currently in the works.

Storming Heaven hits its marks!

Reviews have started to appear for Storming Heaven, my recently published finale to the Star Trek Vanguard saga, and so far they’ve been quite complimentary, indeed!

Dan Gunther at TrekLit Reviews had this to say:

“Conclusions are always a difficult thing to manage. … It is this seeming impossibility to craft a completely satisfying ending that has left me completely in awe of what David Mack has managed to accomplish. In Storming Heaven, we have a story that is the perfect finish to the wonderful ride that Vanguard has been.”

“Amazing, amazing story. David Mack has managed the almost impossible. He has crafted a conclusion to an amazing series that is on par and in some ways even exceeds the quality of the build-up. Highly emotional ending to a series that has brought me great joy to read over the past couple of years.”

“Final score for Storming Heaven: 10/10. It doesn’t get much better than this.”

Not too shabby, right?

Also weighing in is Paul Simpson (full disclosure, he’s a friend of mine) with this review at Sci-Fi Bulletin:

“Mack has been nicknamed ‘the Angel of Death’ for his ability to kill off large swaths of his characters…. Here he’s perhaps more restrained than some might have expected. Not everyone dies. Not everyone who should die, dies. Some people who deserve better get dealt a bad hand. Others even get what, anywhere else, might be considered a hackneyed happy ending — but in the context of the Vanguard saga is tinged with a sadness of the memories of what has led the characters to this point.”

“Utterly fucking brilliant. 10/10

So, if you were waiting for someone else to taste-test this morsel of original-series-flavored goodness, there you go.

Release the hounds book!

At long last the day has arrived: the official publication day for Storming Heaven, the action-packed finale of the Star Trek Vanguard saga!

The fine folks over at have posted a short article by yours truly that talks about what the saga has meant to me as a writer, and why I feel that Vanguard‘s final installment is consistent with the ideas that first inspired the series.

As part of my own continuing send-off for the series, I’ve updated my website’s Vanguard Finale Page with two new PDF files — the original Star Trek Vanguard Series Bible, and the post-Harbinger addendum to the bible that I wrote for the benefit of my editor, Marco Palmieri, and Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, the authors who would follow my lead.

Caveat: The series bible and its addendum contain major spoilers, so I strongly advise you not to peruse them until after you’ve finished reading the saga.

This weekend, I’ll be recording a special roundtable discussion about the series with Marco, Dayton, and Kevin. We’ll answer questions submitted by fans, decide who wins the autographed sets of the complete saga, and spill the series’ secrets. As soon as I get that discussion edited, my friend Keith R.A. DeCandido and his cohorts at long-running fan-favorite podcast series The Chronic Rift will host the “Vanguard Farewell Podcast” as a special presentation.

I’m also working to arrange a special presentation, with help from some folks in the Internet-radio arena, to bring you that special podcast about the musical inspirations behind the Vanguard saga. More on that as it develops, so stay tuned.

For now, I hope you’ll all grab a copy of Storming Heaven hot off the presses and enjoy the last wild ride of the Starbase 47 crew and the rest of the saga’s sprawling roster of dramatis personae.